PowerUP Your Business Discovery Session

Have you ever noticed no matter how much money you make – it’s NEVER enough?

Can you imagine the FREEDOM, the JOY and the Energy that comes when your money STRESSORS and Top Money Challenges are handled? 

That’s called being a Financially Savvy Woman!


If you’re tired of struggling with the same old money problems and are ready for a breakthrough

“If nothing changes, nothing changes”, Ernie Larsen

Women business owners, when asked, say they’re in business for independence and to make a difference. Men say they’re in business to make money. Women, let’s do both!!

But, in order to make the money you want, be independent and make a difference, it’s essential to understand how money operates for better and worse in your life – and to TAKE CHARGE of it!

In the Discovery Session you will:

  • Dig deep to know whether your current relationship with money is supporting you to step up to the next income level to be able to realize your goals and dreams or whether your blind spots are getting in the way of success.
  • You’ll also identify your Money Types with the Money Quiz. The Money Types are Money Personality Types that let you see more clearly how you’re really showing up with money.  For example, are you the Warrior who is focused and disciplined about and able to achieve their goals?

There’s no obligation or pressure. It’s a friendly conversation.   I guarantee you’ll take away financial nuggets that will move you forward.

I want you to BE making the money you want, managing it in a way that FEELS great and then to be get to the final step of BUILDING wealth.

Research shows that women give back in big numbers when they are financially freer. That’s what I want for you – to be happy and healthy with your money and able to GIVE even more!!

Join me with my mission to change the world – one financially healthy & happy woman at a time – starting with you!! 

PowerUP Discovery Session
COST:  FREE! (Value:  $250.00) Complimentary to You


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Lynn Telford-Sahl, M.A. Psychology, Certified Money Coach, speaker and author of The Greatest Change of All and Intentional JOY.

I coach women in small business and direct sales to transform their mindset, their beliefs, and their behaviors with money and learn how to manifest much more of what they WANT and less of what they don’t want.