Business & Money Coaching Testimonials

“I have achieved more goals this year than in the last 8 years of business. When I started Money Coaching I felt guilty paying bills. I realized why I wasn’t fully financially responsible - the child inside had been scared about money. As soon as I faced the fears I felt a lot better and good things started flowing and happening.” 
Mari Fernandez, Full Force Fitness, Modesto, CA

“Thank you so much for all of your help. It's been quite a journey! I feel more in control with my money. I feel more confident when making money decisions. I feel happier about the money I make, and don't stress as much about unexpected money expenditures. This education/revelation is absolutely worth while!! My success is your success.”Todd Sauls, Business Owner, Modesto, CA

“By making enlightened financial decisions I am saving over $1100.00 a month and have eliminated thousands in debt.  Thank you Lynn for the Money Coaching.”
Teresa Miller, Naturopath

“Lynn really enjoyed listening to your motivational webinar on money. Appreciate it. Thanks again you're very informative and very positive for all women.”
Gail Sweeney, Certified Trainer, Pilates & Yoga, Modesto, CA

“Lynn’s Money Spa program caused a huge shift and revealed why I was paralyzed about managing my money and now I’m powerfully involved in improving my financial future.”  
Susie Fagundes, Owner, Intrinsic Elements, Modesto, CA

"Lynn is a consummate professional who knows her stuff! I have uncovered so many blocks concerning money, myself and business success with Lynn’s coaching. It’s amazing. Lynn is dedicated to my success and that is felt throughout the entire process of her coaching strategy!!!!” 
Kathy Harris, 3rd Paradigm, Lodi, CA

"I attended Lynn's Business Workshop Jan 2013 and by Sept 1 had surpassed my financial goal for the year."  
Vicky Johnson | CFP® | Senior Financial Advisor | Princor Registered Representative, Principal Financial Group | 301 Banner Court, Suite 1 | Modesto, Ca 95356

"Business coaching with Lynn helped me focus on my positive accomplishments each month vs. the challenges and made me realize what I needed to do to be successful in my career and as a woman."
Martha Passalaqua, Bankruptcy Attorney

“Thank you immensely. Your Money Coaching was lifesaving. Realizing the pattern of making money and losing it that I had developed from childhood was a huge eye opener! I don’t have that pattern anymore. Thank you for sharing your gift and teaching from the heart. It’s never too late.”  
Kim Borba-Galati Mineral/Nutritional Deficiency Specialist

“I did not have a clue why I was reacting to handling money with emotional turmoil. With Lynn’s Money Coaching I finally feel ahead of money vs playing catch up and I know it’s ok to make money, have money and not to give it all away.”
Christy Ray,The Land Group,Modesto, CA

“Well, it happened! The largest Nikken month ever in my history with the company!!!! Thank you Lynn.”
Kathy Harris, Life by Design Not Default, Lodi, CA

“Thank you Lynn, it’s been a privilege. Through coaching I realized I used money as clothing, as a shield, asa protector to who I was rather than as a tool and to help the people I want to help. Since opening up my thinking on money, clients have been calling like crazy"
Diane Hinkley, Financial Coach, Modesto, CA 6-12

“I have always said "it is not about the money" when talking about my why in business. After working with Lynn, I realized, it really was about money and my fear of making too much that was at issue. Shortly after completing my in depth look at how I dealt in earning that I became the number one seller in my new company. What a thrill it was to see my name at the top of the list.”
Pat Brown, Jockey Person to Person

"Money Coaching facilitated my being able to clear difficult issues from childhood very rapidly as well as to understand how my upbringing caused me to make negative relationship decisions that I'm only now able to see clearly. Lynn has a deep knowledge of how to work with people which made the coaching so successful.  I highly recommend this unique process to anyone who would like to move forward in their financial life.”
Dorothy Hamilton, Berkeley, CA

“I (Chris) didn’t know why I pushed myself so hard to achieve. Now I do. Communication between us about money is so much better and we work together and figure out the direction we want to go together.”
Shelley Kohl, All About You Permanent Cosmetics • 209 456-7056
Chris Kohl, Precision Automotive, Manteca, CA • 209 239-8266

“Have made some huge shifts: I am managing the money more than my husband now. I am budgeting and I actually opened up my own separate account just for me. My husband is supportive about it all. Bought a gift the other day without anxiety or worry, and no pressure to impress. Thank you for your help in the process.”
Kelly Higdon, ZynnyMe,Technology Coaching, LMFT, Laguna Hills, CA